Undergraduate teaching

The Anesthesiology and Reanimation Service is part of the Anesthesiology Teaching Unit of the Department of Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Valencia.

Theoretical classes, seminars and workshops are given in the general classrooms and skills room of the Faculty of Medicine; Clinical practices are given in the Anesthesiology Service of the University Clinical Hospital and Malvarrosa Hospital.


The teaching of our specialty in the Degree of Medicine is essential because it supposes:

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a) The only way for the student to have a real image of the discipline and to be able to take it into account, with full knowledge of the facts, when choosing his or her specialization.

b) The appropriate way to train students in a range of subjects that are required of them as general practitioners and that are not covered in other subjects.

c) The most appropriate way to enhance our speciality for the future doctor and society.


Currently, the teaching of the specialty in the Degree in Medicine is taught in three subjects or teaching modules and 2 Degree Practicum:

  1. Module of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Surgical Procedures: Core subject of the first quarter of 3rd year.
  2. Emergency, Emergencies and Clinical Toxicology Module: Core subject of the second quarter of the 5th year, distributed 50% among the Departments of Medicine and Surgery.
  3. Subject of Fundamentals of Intensive Care and techniques for the treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain: Optional subject of the first term of the 5th Course.
  4. Mandatory Clinical Practical Course: Practicum, on Emergencies, Emergencies: Rotation of 1 month on specific areas in 6th Grade Course.
  5. Optional Clinical Practical Course: Practicum on Anesthesiology: 1 month rotation in the Anesthesiology Service in the 6th Grade Course.

For more details on the development of the subjects in the 2017-18 Course, see the following links:

Responsible teacher

Prof. Dr. F. Javier Belda.

Teaching Collaborators