Continuing Education for Specialists


Teaching to specialist doctors is necessary to maintain, expand and update knowledge. For our Service it means: [image src=»» align=»right» border=»1″]

The improvement of the scientific level.
The method of increasing the medical prestige of the Service and of the anaesthesiologist himself.
The means to face personally the development of the specialty and the new technologies.
It is also a source of motivation for specialists in their daily work.

Continuing Education Program in Anesthesiology and Reanimation
1. Clinical Sessions of Service

The sessions are accredited by the Teaching Accreditation Commission of the Valencian Community.

Its main objective is to improve the professional quality of the specialists in the Service as a basis for the quality of care.

The particular objectives are, among others:

Updating of the most recently developed topics of the specialty.
To remember the main scientific foundations of the different parts of the specialty.
Learning of new concepts and their ranking with the classics.
Training for practical application.
Recovery of the dexterity and effectiveness in the practice of the different techniques of the specialty.
Maintenance of the global vision of the specialty.
Maintaining a dynamic attitude towards specialised training.
The awareness of the relationship between professional quality and quality of care.

2. Teaching Methods
  • Clinical Protocolization Sessions
  • Review and update sessions


3. Teaching Program

we’re working on the program upgrade


Respiratory module of the training plan of the European Commission for the teaching of anaesthesiology (CEEA). Center.

The CEEA training programme is the cornerstone for improving the professional quality of EC specialists and standardising the level of knowledge of all professionals (general objective); it is implemented in all European Community countries and Israel, as well as in Latin America.

It is accredited by the European Society of Anaesthesiology with a specific Diploma, after passing the different evaluations carried out in each module.