The proyecto INCATIV “Indicadores de Calidad en la Terapia Intravenosa” (“Quality Indicators in Intravenous Therapy”) project is a research study on quality and safety of care target born in the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova (HAV) from Valencia in the hands of a research group, the so-called Grupo INDICATIV (“INCATIV Group”).

The Agencia Valenciana de Salud (“Health Valencia Agency”), in the Resolution of July 11th, 2008, awarded financial aid for research studies in the field of Healthcare Quality and Information Systems.

The inclusion of indicators for quality measuring in the proposed Nursing Services in this project will allow to the proper nurses work teams and also to the services institutions managers themselves, developing their own projects and continuous improvement programs.

By means of participation in this study, professionals can acquire new and useful tools for improvements in the rates of nosocomial infections in their hospital, reduce long stays, lower costs for adverse effects attributable to intravenous therapy improving the security not only for the patient but also for the health workforce.


The INCATIV study is developed in collaboration with the Healthcare Quality General Directorate, HAV (“Hepatitis A, B virus”), CECOVA, Preventive Medicine and Public Health Society and a nurses professional group with research and teaching vocation belonging to twelve participating hospitals as well as in collaboration with the HAV Research Unit.