Our Mission

The general objective of a service is aimed at maintaining and improving the Public Health System through its Hospital, contributing to improve the assistance and management system, so that the benefits offered to the population are increasing and with greater levels of quality and efficiency, through a rational use of available resources.

Our Service feels part of this broader health structure and assumes the Institutional Plans and action strategies, in order to achieve the general objectives of the Department of Health of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Department 5 of Health Hospital Clínico Universitario-Hospital Malvarrosa.

But in its practical application each service qualifies many aspects, which give it its own personality



The SARTD’s mission is to give priority to patient care in the care process in all its areas, attending to their individual needs as a patient and as a person. It is also an essential mission to offer the best quality in its activities, in order to achieve excellence in service to Society.

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In another vein, as a Service has the misión to pay special attention to the people who comprise it, especially those who are committed to the development of a common mission, and in a special way to motivate scientific, professional and personal development and promote their satisfaction. 

Our Service also has a fundamental mission of teaching the specialty at all levels; undergraduate, postgraduate, specialty and continuing education of specialists.

Finally, it is also its mission to carry out basic, clinical and technology assessment research, developing the research lines that it has consolidated, and promoting new lines of scientific interest, emphasizing the new values of translationality, collaboration between centers and internationality, as well as of financing capacity.



The vision is that of a Reference Service of Valencian, National and International Health. We want the recognition of our colleagues, our patients and Society because we are and we consider ourselves a Service:

  1. [image src=»https://www.anestesiaclinicovalencia.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/vision1.jpg» align=»right» border=»1″]Excellence and able to achieve continuous improvement in activity and quality.
  2. Effective and efficient in the management of assigned resources, and prepared for the permanent incorporation of proven innovations and technologies.
  3. Composed of a team of people identified and committed to our mission, values and objectives; satisfied and proud of a Service in which they actively participate and which favors their human and professional development.
  4. With a first-level research activity, which is a reference in established research lines and which continues to produce results of interest that achieve international recognition and impact.
  5. Accredited capacity and high prestige in the teaching of the degree of Medicine and Specialty, transcending the local scope and serving as a reference to other Services of any community or country.
  6. That is integrated, associated, coordinated or maintain cooperation agreements and alliances, with other Services, Institutions, Networks and Societies, local, national and international.



Common values in our service are:

  1. [image src=»https://www.anestesiaclinicovalencia.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/valores1.jpg» align=»right» border=»1″]The commitment to patient care and the humanization of care, clinical translation of the essential values of Bioethics.
  2. The orientation towards an evidence-based medicine and the improvement of results.
  3. Professionalism and dedication.
  4. Respect, trust, loyalty and unity in the group, that is, the values summarized as a sense of team.
  5. The capacity for teaching (teaching) and learning (study and research) sharing knowledge.
  6. Creativity, innovation and adaptability to change