Medical Residents (MIR, Spanish acronym)

SARTD is assigned a number of 5 Resident Medical Interns-MIR per year of specialty.

The responsibility at the formative level covers the following aspects:

  1. To follow the rotating teaching staff, according to the General Training Plan drawn up by the Service and approved by the Head of Studies of the Hospital.
  2. Complete your Resident Book.
  3. Attend and interact in all the training activities of the Service.
  4. To help in the teaching of the other MIR.
  5. Apply for the annual evaluation of internal training (ITA) or for the Part I of the certificate of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (DEA), common to the MIRs of European countries.
  6. Participate in research activities.
  7. Enroll in a doctoral program to obtain research proficiency.
  8. To begin the development of the doctoral thesis.
  9. Care and maintenance of teaching material.

In terms of care, responsibilities are set out in detail in the MIR regulations approved by the Valencian Society of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation.