24th Edition of the Mechanical Ventilation Course Valencia 2019

24th Edition of the Mechanical Ventilation Course Valencia 2019


 Spanish Preliminary Programme CMV 2019


Valencia, February 16th 2019

Dear friends, One more year we are considering the organization of the Mechanical Ventilation Course (CVM, Spanish acronyms) that last year had its 23rd edition, with the success of previous editions and having achieved a national prestige like no other course. We are very proud to have achieved it and encouraged to move forward. The success has been based on the quality of teaching, the structure of workshops and learning. But most importantly, do not rest on your laurels: evolve, improve and optimize results at all levels. That is why in 2019 we have modified the structure of the course. We have decided to finish the traditional training (of 150 students!!!!) that we have done so far and carry out the 24th CMV 2019 with a small group (maximum of 21-25 assistants) that allows us a direct and real tutoring of the student. With this structure, the teaching methods and tutoring will be even better than we offered and the content can be more adapted to the needs of the attendees. As you will see in the Program, it is a greater change in the structure than in the content. We have tested the formula this year with surprising results. If there is a lot of demand, we could repeat the course a few months later. Secondly, we have adjusted the length and content to make it less time-consuming, making travel easier and reducing the cost to the attendee. Finally, we have changed the headquarters to the Faculty of Medicine, which offers us very appropriate spaces and makes it much easier to carry out the workshops. We hope to get closer and closer to your wishes, as you are the real driving force behind these courses. Thank you for your interest. Best regards,
 Training-directors Prof. Dr. F. Javier Belda. MD, PhD Dra. Marina Soro. MD, PhD. Dr. Carlos Ferrando. MD, PhD.  ]]>

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