The clinical trial iPROVE-O2 studies the effects of oxygen in surgical infections after major abdominal surgery

11 December 2019,

Our results indicate that when open lung protective ventilation is used, the use of high FiO2 to prevent infection in our surgical population is not justified. Although these findings are comparable to other studies with different populations, it is the first study in which optimized protective ventilation is applied to all patients”, said Dr. Marina Soro, lead author of the study

An international study improves traumatic brain injury diagnosis with the use of precision medicine

12 November 2019,

The research, in which the professor of the Department of Surgery of the University of Valencia Rafael Badenes participates, reveals that the traumatic brain […]

High flow nasal cannula oxygenation reduces postoperative hypoxaemia in patients undergoing surgery for morbid obesity

17 June 2019,

INCLIVA’s Anaesthesia Research Group is leading the study that has shown that early application of high flow oxygen supplementation in the operating room decreases the severity of postoperative pulmonary complications.

Dr. Rafael Badenes, one of the 50 European experts who are developing a tool to measure quality in critical patients with traumatic brain injury

10 June 2019,

Dr. Rafael Badenes, INCLIVA researcher and anesthesiologist at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, is one of the experts who have participated in the development of a set of indicators that can measure and improve the quality of care of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) attended in critical care units.

The use of the ERAS protocol improves the results of patients undergoing colorectal surgery

6 June 2019,

The Anesthesia Research Group of the Health Research Institute INCLIVA participates in the national study Postoperative Outcomes Within Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol (POWER) Study that has published its results in the scientific journal JAMA Surgery.

The quest for the perfect Weaning Index

5 June 2019,

Prof. Javier Belda has recently published an editorial on the need to find an index that guarantees with greater security the moment of the withdrawal of mechanical ventilation to patients assisted in intensive care, commenting on an original article recently published.

The cervical plexus, an anatomical target for the treatment of chronic postoperative pain

10 May 2019,

Doctors Jorge Orduña and Carlos Tornero, members of the INCLIVA Anesthesia Research group, publish a case of improvement in pain parameters in the Journal of Pain Research.

A succesfull organ donation in controlled asystole

7 May 2019,

“We feel closer to achieving a transplant system capable of preserving better quality donated organs,” said Dr. Rafael Badenes

A research links the use of muscle relaxants with the increase of postoperative pulmonary complications

8 April 2019,

“The data we have obtained in the POPULAR study add to the evidence from previous studies that allow us to recommend that patients with a low risk of postoperative pulmonary complications should be anesthetised without the use of muscle blockers, whenever possible”, explains Marina Soro, also a researcher at the INCLIVA…

Levels of glucose and lactate in the cerebrospinal fluid, new markers in the prognosis of cranioencephalic injuries

8 April 2019,

These variables are easily accessible in clinical practice and could be used in the initial evaluation of patients with cranioencephalic injuries”, explained Rafael Badenes, co-author of the study…